When a dispossessed writer is given a shot at originating against-the-stream narratives in a televised writing contest, he faces doubt and rejection in pursuits of the unpopular dialogue of revolution.

  •      Quitting his dead end job as a bike messenger, Connor, an ambitious writer, enters America's top new contest: 'So You Think You Can...Write.'
         Plagued by insecurity, the challenges never end as he's expected to excel in multiple genres and styles ranging from haikus and novellas to romance and satire. As he dreams up original stories we drift into his mind, his inspirations, and into the stories themselves.
         In a desperate desire for absurd and revolutionary narratives, the stories unflinchingly attack hierarchies and competition experienced as societal norms of disparity, or the obscure natures of those in the high arts. Each new story exposing an injustice, tackling a controversy, or sometimes just a random assortment of unorganized, ridiculous possibilities.
         Mid-way through the contest Connor is met with harsh critique by the shows judges. Walking away in frustration he is visited by a classically all-knowing spirit, stopping him in his tracks when she says “Remember 7.”  An idea born out of tragedy, after a close friend took his own life. An idea that provoked a promise to live that much harder, against all odds.
         Mustering what he has left, Connor goes back in to the contest, fighting to survive and bring to the world more absurdest tales both critical and light-hearted. Never forgetting what he's fighting for, and not relying on outcomes to propel the alternative narrative of challenging the system, he makes his way through.